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A great start with 276 Community Midwives registered so far.

Even though we are still looking for more community midwives to register, the MMPO thinks that this is just too good an opportunity to let slide by, so;

To get the policy up and running as soon as possible the MMPO has decided in the interim to underwrite the premium shortfall until we reach the minimum number of members.

Please follow the link here to sign up

What this means is that we can now start doing the boring stuff and start putting together the detail to get this offer in place as soon as possible …. All going well early in 2019.

A Reminder of the Offer … for an annual premium of only $75 per midwife (excl. GST) you will get access to the following midwifery insurance policy and benefits;

Total Cover Midwifery and IT Equipment up to $6,000 excl GST

Anytime Day or Night

Anywhere Throughout New Zealand

Any place Your Home – Your Car - Your Clinic - Woman’s Home – Hospital

Excess $500

Important Note “The policy and related benefits once finalised will only be available to College Members who have registered their details and are fully paid up in terms of the annual insurance premium”

We need your help?

To ensure that the policy is fit for purpose and meeting the needs of community midwives going forward we would like your help by providing us with some scenarios of what, when, and how you think that the policy might be accessed. For example;

  • Details of any equipment insurance claims in the past (successful or not, it doesn’t matter)
  • What are some common scenarios that should be covered under this policy? For instance if your car was broken into and your equipment stolen, or your Doppler (or mobile phone) falls into the birthing pool and is water damaged ….. maybe accidental breakage while on the move etc

Please follow the link here to comment