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Register your Interest here to access “Better Insurance Cover for less of Your $ and Time”

Dear College Community Midwife,

Since the recent round of business workshops, the MMPO has been working hard on finding better ways to help and support community midwives throughout NZ with their business.

We have already started by:

  • Helping some midwives to get set up on Xero (NZ’s own online accounting software) saving time and $ in the process.
  • Launching a refreshed MMPO website that is tailored to the business of being a community midwife including a comprehensive knowledge base covering, amongst other things, Section 88, Key Business information, and Rural and Urban Locum Support …

More recently we have been searching for better ways to help you manage your business risk including exploring setting up a “Midwifery Equipment Group Insurance Scheme” utilising College membership and being administered by the MMPO.

We can now present our Initial Proposition to Current College Members (to view this, refer to the attached flyer for details).

This is a great opportunity as it currently stands, but the MMPO are still working on refinements (including the proposed level of excess). We strongly believe that this proposal will give you better cover and peace of mind (at a reasonable price) especially if you have uncertainty surrounding existing cover under home and contents or you are deciding whether or not you should consider self-insuring (… not insuring at all!)

IMPORTANT To proceed we need to attract at least 500 midwives to the group scheme.

So far, we have 146 already registered with only 354 to go …

To be part of this Group Initiative register your interest here (it will take only a few minutes).