Technology has made it easier than ever to do business and works well in my mobile environment.

  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Multiple access
  • Data security
  • Work from anywhere
  • Mobile devices and cloud-based software have helped drive the change in working practices
  • Where will I go? Home - Clinic – Hospital - Woman’s Home
  • Use the Right Tools

I will set up and run online accounting software (XERO)

  • Access to a tailored online accounting software package (using Xero) that is midwifery specific
  • The ability to automate online transactional bank feeds into Xero that will save input and coding time
  • The ability to complete GST returns (if registered) on line in less than 15 minutes
  • Access to a range of financial/business focussed reports to better manage your cash assets and performance
  • Access to a filing system where the supporting document can be attached online to the bank transaction
  • By providing easy access to independent accountants without the need to provide files and paper documents