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What does it include - from 1 April 2024?

Policy Maximum Cover Value: $8,000 plus GST

Policy Excess: $400

Period Covered: 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025

Equipment Covered:

  • Midwifery Specific Equipment (Doppler, Scales, Home Birth, etc.)
  • IT Equipment (Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet, Pager, etc.)

Coverage: Anywhere, anytime, anyplace in New Zealand

What’s the Price? Only $75 plus GST per annum

Please note that to help ensure that this group initiative has every chance of successfully reaching the minimum number of midwives (that the policy conditions are based upon) and is self-sustaining into the future, the mmpo has agreed to underwrite any shortfall in the group premium up until and including the 31 March 2025.

What is the mmpo’s role and responsibilities?

This part is important and needs to be clearly understood. (Please also refer to the disclaimer statement detailed below.)

  • The insurance policy is ultimately between the insurance company and the individual midwife.
  • The scheme insurance brokers will be responsible for the handling and managing of any claims with the insurance company on the midwife’s behalf. Once a claim has been submitted and received you will be contacted by a scheme insurance broker.

The mmpo is responsible for the following only;

  • Collecting individual midwife premiums and making payment of the total group premium to the insurance company.
  • Once the claim has been accepted, the mmpo will receive and pass on the claim monies received from the insurance company in full to the midwife.

The mmpo will also provide access to and maintain a digital way for midwives to record and submit a claim directly with the insurer (via the scheme’s insurance broker)

The mmpo will not be involved in any discussions (including advice) with any midwife about any claim in process, accepted or rejected, as these discussions will solely be between the midwife and their designated insurance broker.

What you need to do to be covered?

  1. Register and Pay here so that you will be registered as part of the group policy
  2. Make payment to the mmpo in full. (You will not be a valid participant until your payment of $75 plus GST has been received by the mmpo’s bank in full - please note that when you make payment, the amount payable has been prorated to bring your renewal date inline with 1 April)
  3. Read and be familiar with the policy summary and the mmpo disclaimer statement detailed below

MMPO Disclaimer Statement

The MMPO is not the Insurer. The Insurer is Vero Insurance NZ Limited which has a current financial strength rating of A+ given by Standard and Poor’s. (Please refer to the insurer’s website for a description of the rating scale

All claims are to be made directly to the Insurer via the scheme’s insurer broker. MMPO arranges and negotiates group member contracts of insurance and renewals on behalf of members; and receives and arranges for payment of premiums.

MMPO accepts no risk or liability for any claims on the insurance policy.