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Digital Care Solutions & Support

Digital Care Solutions & Support

MIS Application and Automated Claiming

The MIS Application is a fully integrated digital product that helps ensure not only a comprehensive pregnancy record that will keep you and the woman (and baby) safe, but also give you confidence that the woman’s and your health data is secure and private.

MIS is an important part of the National Woman’s Maternity Record and helps allow real time integration and access to key information for both the Woman and Maternity teams using MCIS (Maternity Clinical Information System) in DHB tertiary hospitals.

Community midwives can access and update MIS through either a desktop/laptop set up or an iPad device.

The MIS iPad solution is an exciting new development that makes MIS even better by utilising current technology (smart navigation, flow and functionality) with the right amount of time and $.

Click here for a look at the iPad.

The information entered into the woman’s record will automatically populate your claim, and MIS will electronically submit it to the Ministry of Health each day. You do not need to do anything else.

Maternity Notes (Pinks) and Paper Claiming

The MMPO provide and support community midwives choosing to use Maternity Notes (affectionately referred to as the ‘Pinks’) to manually record and maintain a full pregnancy record of the woman’s care.

We have a dedicated Data Entry Team whose priority is to enter information to generate claims and receive and disburse your Section 88 monies to you daily.

Section 88 Claiming and Payment Service Support

The MMPO work together with the Ministry of Health Section 88 team, and the College around professional guidelines, quality frameworks and the impact that these may have on Section 88 claiming.

Our IT Help Desk and Data Entry Consultants provide comprehensive Section 88 support, including claiming advice that helps to keep your claims and monies up to date and you safeguarded.

We will help and support you to manage all rejected claims, date clash claims and resubmissions.

Woman’s (Maternity) Notes

The MMPO have also been intimately involved in the design and development of an app that can be used by the woman giving her secure and private online access (through any digital device) to relevant parts of her pregnancy record. There is also the ability to help manage appointments and access key resources (including online leaflets).

This project involved considerable time and effort by the MMPO and both Aotearoa women and community midwives to gain clear and valuable input and insights. This was softly launched late last year and is now being used by over 1000 women throughout Aotearoa.

There are further planned releases that will bring even more access and benefits to both the woman and you the community midwife.

We plan to roll out access to the Woman’s Notes App to our MIS users, while the iPad is introduced to your care location (and this will be free of any cost).

Click here for a look at the Woman’s Notes.

Tiaki - The Community Midwifery App

Tiaki as a verb “meaning to guard, preserve, foster, protect and shelter. So, notions of care and protection are at the heart”, which aligns perfectly with the purpose of the MMPO.

Tiaki is being designed to better help and support you as a self-employed community midwife in your everyday working life to meet your indirect care and business needs and requirements with tailored functionality (all in one place).

The first stages of this development are live with a significant number of initiatives underway, supporting you to connect and communicate with people and organisations.

Click here for a look at the Tiaki App

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Workforce Care and Support

Workforce Support (including Rural and Urban Support)

MMPO offers a range of rural workforce services, available to rural midwives and are focussed on helping and supporting access to midwifery care for rural women and ensuring sustainable practices.

We also offer access to emergency locum support for Urban midwives.

The services on offer, include;

  • Rural Leave Locum Support (other than emergency)
  • Rural Emergency Locum Support
  • Urban Emergency Locum Support
  • Rural Mentoring
  • Rural Workshops
  • Rural Relocation Grants
  • Rural Establishment Grants

For more on this or to register as a locum or for locum cover, please visit the NZ College of Midwives website, by clicking here, or the MMPO Rural Website, by clicking here.

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Business Care Solutions & Support

Business Workshops

Our tailored and interactive Business workshops have been designed to help and support community midwives with knowledge, services and systems to meet the business part of being self-employed, ensuring sustainability within the profession and saving you time and $.

Help and Support with Xero Accounting Software and access to a Group Equipment insurance scheme are just two of the successful initiatives to come out of these workshops.

Planning is already in progress for 2021 – so do keep an eye out on this page for more details.

Xero Solution and Support (First 90 days totally free)

The MMPO Xero package has now been expanded to provide FREE help and support through until 31 March 2023.

Note you will still be required to cover the Xero subscription after the first 90 days (at only $25 per month excluding GST for your Xero Plan or just $12 per month excluding GST if you are not GST Registered) and that is all you will have to pay until 31 March 2023.

The MMPO will not only help with initial setup and provide live training and support, but we will also help to make sure you get the full benefits from using Xero for your practice including;

  • Tailored Midwifery Specific Xero set up
  • Automatic bank feeds of your transactions daily
  • Simple bank reconciliation
  • Ability to generate 20 invoices each month (only available with the Starter Plan)
  • Easier automated GST return preparation and online filing
  • Real time performance and cash position reports
  • Paperless documentation and receipts filing

To get started please click here.

Please review the MMPO Service Level Agreement for Xero Users - a signed copy will need to be received by MMPO prior to commencing your set-up and initial orientation.

Group Insurance Scheme - Equipment

The MMPO have negotiated and implemented a Digital and Midwifery Equipment Group Insurance Policy, offering significant risk cover and savings to community midwives.

For just $75 plus GST per annum, you have peace of mind knowing that your IT and Midwifery Specific Equipment are covered anywhere, anytime and anyplace within New Zealand.

For more details, and to sign up, please click here.

Access to Valuable Help and Support

In addition to providing comprehensive Section 88 Help Desk and Support to community midwives who claim with us, we offer a range of other Digital Care and Support, including, but not limited to;

  • MIS – Community Midwife Access
  • MIS – Locum Access (to your practice partner or back-up, who may not claim with the MMPO)
  • MIS – Student Access in the learning environment to support with the over-arching principles of documentation relating to a woman’s care during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period
  • MIS iPad Application
  • Tiaki – the Community Midwifery Application
  • Maternity Woman’s Notes Application

This is further enhanced with our knowledgeable Digital Care Team, the MMPO Xero initiative – a midwifery specific, cloud based accounting package and the IT & Midwifery Equipment Group Insurance Policy.

To learn more about this initiative, please click here.

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Other Help and Support

Data Collection and Reporting

Community midwives using MIS or Maternity Notes contribute data that is anonymised and forms the annual Activity and Outcome Database Reports.

This valuable reporting supports retrospective profession review and development as well as providing benchmarking for individual midwives to review, reflect and compare themselves against.

National Paging Solution

The MMPO manage a national paging contract on behalf of community midwives needing to access and utilise a reliable and connectable service especially those midwives operating in areas of Aotearoa where mobile coverage is either limited or unreliable.

To find out more about this service, please email [email protected] or phone us on 03 377 2485 ext 4.

Data Security and Privacy

Data governance, security and privacy is of utmost importance to the MMPO as it is to midwives and the women they support.

The MMPO have made a significant investment to ensure that the woman’s and midwife’s data is as secure and private as possible, and is stored within Aotearoa.

Our systems and processes are focused on best and safe practice and are constantly being reviewed to ensure that no data is compromised and if it is that robust business continuity processes including secure cloud-based back-ups are in place. The MMPO utilise a local Christchurch company who provide digital security and recovery services to the MoH and DHBs.

Within MIS, we also have systems in place to ensure the continued safety of community midwives – including ‘off-line mode’ and ‘partner present mode’.

Each care record has a clear audit trail to enable a full review of the care provided (if required) and identify any changes made to the woman’s record and by whom.

If you want to know more about this area, please call our Digital Care Team on 03 377 2485 ext 2.

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