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Why claim with us?

Protecting the profession

When you claim with the MMPO you are also supporting the sustainability of midwifery practice, maternity services and the betterment of midwifery throughout New Zealand.

The MMPO have been helping and supporting Community Midwives for over 20 years, and with this, bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and insights to the profession.

The MMPO is 100% owned by the New Zealand College of Midwives and as a result, its purpose is underpinned by Professional Standards and Quality Assurance. We work within the Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand Section 94 and the College professional guidelines and quality frameworks.

How can the MMPO help and support you as a Community Midwife in Aotearoa?

  • Access to Business Focused nationwide workshops
  • Group Insurance Scheme covering your IT & Midwifery Equipment. To find out more and register - please click here
  • BadgerNet Care Solution and Support (including Woman's Note’s and Digital Support)
  • Section 94 claiming and payment support ensuring correct claiming in relation to complex/exceptional pregnancies - available from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday
  • Digital Support for online training sessions and technical support of the electronic system - available from 7am to 6pm Monday to Thursday, and 7am to 5pm on Fridays
  • Data Collection and Integrity (forming the annual Activity and Outcome Database, supporting bench-marking and professional development - COMCORD)
  • Tiaki - the Community Midwifery Application (Referrals, Calendars, Claiming and Payments and a Communication Hub)
  • Rural Retention Programme offering Locum and Mentoring services and Practice Establishment assistance
  • Emergency Urban Locum cover available
  • National Paging Solution
  • Any other help and support

Graduating soon?

If you will be practicing as a Community Midwife (LMC) - we have provided an editable PDF, which details key set up actions to take and complete. (Note that items have links that you can click on to access further information). Please click here to download.

To claim with the MMPO, please complete in full, and submit your online application form by clicking here:

To support your online application, please click on the following links referred to within the online form, 'Claiming with the MMPO':

  • To join the New Zealand College of Midwives - please click here
  • To complete the Maternity Services Agreement Application Pack, so that you are able to claim under Section 94 with Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand - please click here
  • To complete your obligations relating to the Vulnerable Childrens Act, online via the CVCheck website - please click here
  • For guidance on completing your Vulnerable Children Act Requirements - as a Graduate Midwife - please click here
  • To complete a Safety Checking Employer Verification Form for Maternity Service Providers, if you are currently employed within a Te Whatu Ora Facility - please click here
  • To view a copy of the MMPO Agreement - Terms and Conditions - please click here

For further details, or if you have any queries not covered thus far - please call us on 03 377 2485 ext 4 or email [email protected]

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To claim with the MMPO or to simply get more information, send us a message and we will call you back.

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Protecting the profession since 1997
Claim with us
When you claim with MMPO you are also supporting the sustainability of midwifery practice, maternity services and the betterment of midwifery throughout New Zealand.