Being a Community Midwife is a unique vocation, and each community midwife is unique in the way that they provide care and operate as a self-employed business.

This is MY Business

  • I will take responsibility for my business
  • I will grow my business knowledge and skills

Reasons that lead to building a successful business

Business Reasons that lead to building a successful business include;

  • Having a strong sense of purpose (this is key for Community Midwives)
  • Having a plan
  • Focusing on my strengths
  • Managing my Risk - well
  • Understanding and watching my finances
  • An effective use of technology
  • Good advice from my Business Team

Why do small businesses generally fail?

  • I go into business for the wrong reasons including;
    • Only to make money
    • Only to get back some control over my own time
    • Only to be my own boss
  • Poor management (usually cashflow)
  • Lack of planning
  • Location … Location … Location
  • Digital presence
  • Gender dominated businesses can face unique challenges
  • Burnout and Fatigue