Planning for my future is a key component of running a successful business.

  • KiwiSaver is set up and I pay the right amount for me (minimum of $1,040 per annum)
  • My will is updated and signed
  • I will think about a Family Trust

Saving for the Future – Don’t Forget about KiwiSaver

Being self-employed I can enjoy all the benefits of KiwiSaver except the employer contributions. When I join, if I am eligible:

  • I'll be able to take advantage of the first home buyer's benefits
  • The Government will pay an annual member tax credit

If I have a mortgage or core debt (credit card) pay against this first over and above the KiwiSaver max to get the best return.

  • Government Voluntary Retirement Savings Scheme
  • For the Self Employed
  • Flexible (may have minimum contribution requirements)
  • Make lump sum payments when I choose or set up regular payments