Beating procrastination is a challenge for us all

  • Get it done - don't wait for the perfect moment
  • Focus my 'to do' list (IMPORTANT AND URGENT)
  • Share the load
  • Find an app that works for me
  • Make habits work for me
  • Get a computer to do it

I’ll be surprised how many mundane tasks can be automated. Let technology streamline dreaded jobs.

Good Record Keeping


  • Helps me to better track my business performance
  • Supports and validates business and taxation income and deductions
  • Saves time when filing GST and Income Tax returns
  • Saves me time and accountant $

Even if I have a bookkeeper or accountant, it's up to me to know what records to hold on to:

  • Keep all records for at least 7 years
  • These can be scanned and uploaded to online storage
  • Keep a back up
  • My accountant or bookkeeper will also complete and retain records
  • I don’t need a tax invoice for income and expenses under $50 but I do need a reason why
  • Using myIR makes this easier for keeping taxation information.

myIR Secure Online Services allows me to:

  • File returns - pre-populated with all the information included. All I need to do is check that the details they have are correct, enter the information they need and send to IRD electronically
  • Monitor my accounts, payments and returns that have been filed
  • Maintain my business details, eg, address and phone number
  • Send and receive secure mail
  • Keep track of my tax accounts by viewing My transactions
  • Change my business details (address and phone number)