The registration is a legally binding document that is a reflection that the woman has chosen a maternity provider to be her lead maternity carer (LMC). It outlines the woman’s rights such as how her personal information will be used and her ability to change providers at any time. It also indicates the LMC’s responsibilities in providing care and how the personal information will be used.

It is very important to have the woman sign and date the registration, even if the provider claims electronically or if the woman is not sure if she will remain with the LMC. The signed registration affords the LMC the ability to claim for services legally under the Notice. It also provides the LMC with legal standing if a situation arises where another maternity provider challenges a registration, claiming he/she was provider during the time in question.

The registration includes demographic and medical (height, weight and smoking status) information and obstetric history (gravida and parity). It is also important to confirm a woman’s eligibility to claim under the Notice.

A woman is eligible for publicly funded care if she:

  1. Is a New Zealand citizen (by birth, by descent or grant)
  2. Is a permanent resident (PR)
  3. Holds a work visa valid for 2+ years
  4. Is a refugee
  5. Is an Australian citizen but plans to reside in NZ for 2 or more years
  6. Has a partner/spouse who is a NZ citizen, has PR, is an Australian citizen and plans to be in NZ or 2+ years, partner has refugee status or holds a work visa valid for 2+ years

Visas that are NOT accepted under the Notice are:

  1. Work holiday visas (those are only valid for one year)
  2. Tourist/visitor visas
  3. Student visas of any kind

Another important note, if both parents are not eligible for publicly funded care, the baby(s) will not be eligible either; therefore, no payment of any kind can be claimed for the postnatal module.

Special note regarding the reciprocal health agreements New Zealand has with Australia and the United Kingdom

If a UK citizen or Australian resident is pregnant and covered under one of these agreements, they are eligible for immediate and necessary maternity care, including labour and birth, and immediate postnatal services. They must meet other eligibility criteria for fully funded LMC services.