Tiaki - The Community Midwifery Application, is all about added functionality to better help and support you as a community midwife in your everyday working life. Note that this application is available to all community midwives who claim with the MMPO, whether you are an electronic or paper user.

We have created the Training Library to support you in being able to easily navigate throughout the various aspects of Tiaki, using best business practice.

If you would like to get started on Tiaki, learn more about how it can support you in your business, or have any queries - please call our Digital Team on 03 377 2485 ext 2 or email [email protected]

Introduction to Tiaki

This video will explain why the Tiaki App was created and the features available.

Tiaki Dashboard

This video will demonstrate how to get access to Tiaki as well as how to get around the Tiaki dashboard.

Key Administration Tasks

This video will show you how to change your profile preferences, change your electronic signature, save contacts and your address for calendar appointments.

Referrals Overview

This video will outline the different referral views, including how you can view, edit or delete referrals.

Creating a New Referral

This video will show you how to create a new referral in Tiaki.

Calendar Overview

This video will show you how to move around the Tiaki calendar, including the different views and calendar settings.

Creating and Updating Calendar Appointments

This video will show you how to create a new calendar appointment as well as update current appointments in your calendar.

Connect Overview

This is an overview of the Connect function in Tiaki.

Bulk Messaging

This video explains how to create a bulk SMS message to your women straight away or schedule the message to send at a later date.

Creating a Video Appointment

This video will show how to create and access a video appointment in Tiaki.

Adding a Tile to your Phone or iPad Screen

This is a short video showing how to create a Tiaki tile on your phone or iPad home screen, allowing faster access of the Tiaki application.