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MIS iPad App is live with our CRG …

The first release of the MIS iPad Application (1 of 4) has now gone live with our Clinical Reference Group (CRG) …

So, what does this mean for you …

  • Our CRG will continue to pilot the live version over the next five days ironing out any bugs in the process
  • Once you have received your iPad and before you can start using the MIS iPad App, you will need to schedule an appointment (click on the link below) with one of our staff to take you through an introduction to the MIS iPad App. This appointment can be either just you or it may be your practice (care location) … that’s entirely up to you and your practice

Appointment Link

  • At the same time, we will also introduce you to release 1 of the Community Midwifery App (Electronic Referrals) and the Woman’s Maternity Notes App, which you will be able to use once you have completed your induction.

For some further background, please see the links below;

MIS iPad App

Tiaki - The Community Midwifery App

Woman’s Maternity Notes App

Once again thank you for your amazing patience and support.