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The mmpo together with well-known and established midwifery insurance brokers, Russell Forward and Tony Gill, have now finalised a tailored group equipment insurance package open to and supporting all current practicing community midwives throughout Aotearoa.

Wayne Robertson (mmpo Executive Director) says “this initiative has come about essentially as a result of talking with community midwives and listening to the challenges they face with existing insurance products. With Russell and Tony (although separate insurance brokers) sharing the mmpo philosophy and sense of purpose, there has been a lot of effort put in to ensure that the policy is better than what is currently available. Not only is the policy based specifically around community midwives working in New Zealand, we believe it is clear, will be easier to administer and importantly is extremely cost effective …”

Wayne goes on to say, “that whilst this offer is clear and simple it will take some time to settle in. The mmpo is excited about where this initiative could lead to, particularly in respect of developing other midwifery specific insurance solutions and products.”

For further details relating to the Community Midwife Group Insurance Scheme - please click here.